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We have assembled a list of links to help you manage your dry eyes.


Educational Links

How can I have “Dry Eye Syndrome” when my eyes don’t feel dry?

How ceiling fans can make your eyes miserable

Artificial Tears vs Prescription Eye Drops

How do medicines affect how my eyes feel?

Your medications may be causing Dry Eye

Are eye drops the only way to treat Dry Eye Syndrome?

Product Links

The following are products that we recommend and trust:

Order FreshKote drops (or call Toll Free 1-866-752-6006)

Order Omega 3 supplements

Order Ocusoft Lid Wash pads

Order Ocusoft Lid Wash foam


Printable Ocusoft Lid Wash pads coupon

Printable Sterilid coupon

Systane Rewards program

Refresh Coupon program

Restasis Savings Program

Xiidra iinsider Savings Program

Lotemax gel coupon

Lotemax ointment coupon

Avenova rebate


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